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The Umbra Amorrie

Umbra Lore

The Binding Treaty

The Umbra and Britons are bound by the Treaty that the Old Queen forced upon King Edward I and Umbra lords and ladies 500 years ago. But the Treaty was writ in Hedge and no-one reads that any more. Worse, Hedge evolves with the seasons, so no-one is sure how the old laws are shifting.

Umbra arrive at puberty

Every Briton gains an Umbra when they reach puberty. It’s believed the Umbra chooses their human ally, but the process is shrouded in mystery. Typically, a human and ally are contrary in every way, of different temperament, character and sex, but there are exceptions.

A Mortal Bond

Umbra are bound to visit their ally once a day: attending balls, offering counsel or just giving comfort. But the main part of their existence lies in the Other Realm. Few humans know much of their Umbra’s lives there, but they know instantly of their death – for they share a mortal bond.

Meet the characters

Arthur Tenebris

Name: Amorrie

Human Ally: The Artist, Arthur Tenebris

Talents: Indefatigable and rebellious

Type: Unknown

Description: A raven-haired bundle of spit and fury, who takes a blade to any problem

Keeper Claw

Name: Keeper Claw

Human Ally: The Maid, Penny Midden

Talents: Keeper of the Moongate in the Citadel of False Sorrows

Type: Redcap

Description: Pinch-faced with war whiskers. He wears only a carmine cap and a blue tabard

Isabella Stanton

Name: Twoshrews

Human Ally: Lady Isabella Stanton

Talents: Enjoys Truthsense – the ability to tell if another believes what they say

Type: Piskie

Description: Made up of one-third air, Twoshrews can cross a puddle and not disturb the moon’s reflection


Name: Muscari

Human Ally: Viscount Exeter

Talents: Fierce, powerful and vengeful

Type: Unknown

Description: Usually clad in crow feathers, the Hibernian Umbra keeps a pet wolf spider


Name: Agnieszka

Human Ally: The Earl of Grenville

Talents: Has visions of the future, but can’t interpret them

Type: Sybil

Description: A Sybil princess who owns four clouds and half a mountain in Pomerania

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