Arthur and Amorrie in London

The Queen ‘neath the Hedge

The Queen Beneath The Hedge

1790s: Britain prepares for war with France. But a greater
threat is stirring. It starts with a ball. News comes that a
heroic Umbra has been murdered in the Other Realm.

Young artist Arthur Tenebris wonders if his wilful Umbra,
Amorrie, is involved. Earlier in the evening, she answered
his summons, naked, injured and drenched in blood.
Sebastian Stanton, Pitt’s rising Minister for Umbra Affairs is
ordered to investigate the killing, but how do you solve a
murder in a world you can never visit?

Arthur is sent to paint four young sisters in the Fens. They
are innocents who hold a dark secret that may link them to
the Old Queen. Who is a foe and who a friend? It’s impossible
to know who to trust – even your Umbra could be an enemy