Arthur and Amorrie in London

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A Soupçon of Magic

‘With an ear-ripping roar Tabitha thrust her trusty dried stalk of goat pizzle towards the monstrous hagfish that Heliconian’s magicks had awoken from deep below the Reedston Fen.

‘“Tabby, quick before it slimes us all,” screamed Naomi, stumbling as she tried to turn from the whiskery horror.

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Shadmas Hawfly

Beware the Umbra

Welcome to my mistress’s record of the Umbra. Before you delve too deeply into her lovingly scribed words on the Other Realm and its secretive inhabitants, you should heed my warning. Three books she has crafted about Umbra. Over 300,000 words – and probably a third as much again in notes, charts, plans and passages […]

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