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Create a character for the Series

No Umbra are called Wayne or Madison.
Each Umbra comes from one of these six elements
The pantheon of faerie and mythology is at your disposal but Umbra are almost exclusively found in the British Isles. See note.
Most Umbra follow these four broad styles.
Please describe in words but you can add an image as a URL in the text if you wish.

Umbra form notes

Umbra Name
Umbra can be named after flora or fauna from their world (Twoshrews, Muscari) places or roles (Wissendene, Keeper Claw, ), an old English name like Jenny or Meg, or something made up that sounds right (Amorrie, Brughe).

These are usually evident from how the Umbra materialise into and out of our world – ‘she stepped into shadow and was gone’

The most common female: Nymphs, Sylphs, Sprites, Dryads, Selkies, Hags;
male: Goblins, Imps, Dwarves, Spriggans, Drus.
Elves can be either.

George Gracegirdle’s illustrations for a pack of cards had four suits: Tides = changeable; Dreams = elusive; Flies = gregarious; Storms = chaotic

Umbra usually are the alternative sex to their human ally. Among the exceptions are Mr Hurting and Brughe, who are both male or you can leave it blank

Describe them by personality and appearance, their role in their world or where they hang out.
They may have special abilities or powers, but these are largely of the unhelpful variety (for example, Twoshrews’ ‘Truthsense’ mainly makes him a gullible fool). Feel free to add an image URL in the text.

Image credit links: DryadDryad credit link WitchWitch credit link NymphNymph credit link SelkieSelkie credit link; Dark ElfDark Elf credit link; GreynhymGreynhym credit link