Do you have a suspect?

When I finished The Mortality of Queens, I still didn’t know if I was going to bring the Queen ‘neath the Hedge back from the dead (or wherever she had been for the last 400 years).

There seem to be endless ways to develop the characters and this exciting period of British history. However, the series is about the Queen – regardless of whether she returns – as she has created this world and the rules that drive the plots.

If the Queen returned, I wondered which character would evolve into her. Initially I’d written it to be one of the Gracegirdles but I like to keep everyone (including myself) guessing. 

I have a plan, but I would genuinely love to get your thoughts and ideas. I hope the form format isn’t too off-putting and please feel free to cast your net wider than the cast selected here.

Who is the Queen?

If you have chosen 'Other' then here are six other suspects for you to consider
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